List of Cloud Based Database Providers in Market

In my last posts, I have already shared Market big database prayer companies has already in Cloud database field. (

There are few more companies, which offers cloud based database services. Cloud based database services can be classified by their deployment model - machine image vs. database as a service - and data model, SQL vs. NoSQL(

Here is the list of few more companies offering cloud database using above models.

1. PostgreSQL: It's an open source database offering Database as a Service (DBaaS) based cloud database service. They start offering this in Jan 2012. To know more Please visit

2. NuoDB: It's a new company founded in 2008, have a database which mainly works on cloud computing. This company has done very well in last few years.

3. Clustrix: This company also based on having database in cloud Computing methodology. They are offering both public and private cloud database services using Amazon Web Service (AWS) and Database as a Service (DBaaS). To further look about this visit.

4. Xeround: Xeround provides a cloud database service for applications based on the open source edition of the MySQL database. This company provided only cloud based database services. Visit their website for more detail

5. EnterpriseDB: Postgres Plus Cloud Database provisions cloud elastic PostgreSQL and Postgres Plus Advanced Server databases (with Oracle compatibility) in single instances. As per their web site they have their product compatible to Oracle code. To know more visit.

6.salesforce: They are offering Cloud database service under the web site. They provide set of API's to work with Database. To know more visit

7. Cloudant Data Layer: Cloudant’s distributed NoSQL database is built on top of Apache CouchDB. It is a Distributed Multi-Master Database use load balancing infrastructure to routes requests to the copies of the data that are geographically closest to the requester. To know more about their service

8. Last but not least which has all the database as a service (DBaaS) integrated with it. To know more about amazon services for Cloud based database. Please see

These are the providers apart from big database companies in the market.

Please share, if this post helps you or you know few more Cloud database service providers.


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