Seven Reasons Why Cloud Computing is very Popular ?

Now a days, each and every small, medium and big company is talking about Cloud computing and Virtulization and providing their services in this area.

 Let's figure out with Seven reasons why Cloud Computing is getting more and more popular.

1. No Initial Investment for Startup: Suppose you want to start an IT business, The first thing in mind will click is infrastructure. Huge Funds are needed to buy Hardware and to implement it and this will take a lot of time as well. But now, you have option as cloud Computing, opt for Cloud computing hardware services and starting working and pay for what you use only.

2. Low Maintenance Cost for IT Infrastructure: Maintaining an infrastructure for an Organization needs lots of efforts and cost. The cost of Maintenance is constant or increase as organization grows.
But with help of cloud Computing, Since you are not Owening IT infrastructure you need not to worry about maintenance.

3. No Capacity Planning in Advance:
In Conventional way, you need to estimate requirement of IT infrastructure in advance and then purchase accordingly. In that case Companies often end up either with expensive idle resource or with resource crunch. In contrast, In cloud computing if you need more just opt for it and start paying more, If you don’t need them, just turn them off and stop paying.

4. Fast Deployment Service Time: In traditional infrastructure, To deploy new hardware and software and get it running may take a week or so. but with Cloud Computing, Since every thing is ready with Cloud Computing Service provider, You just need to opt it. This will increase overall time to deploy application and start experimenting on it.

5. Change of Focus To business Development: Till now, Each organization needs to have focus on two things, Business development and IT infrastructure to achieve their goels in main business. But with cloud Computing, IT infrastructure is maintained by service provider company. Now, An Organization can focus more on its growth.

6. Easy Global Presence: Let's assume you have a very successfully business in one country. To replicate same success in other countries, same setup needs to be done in new country which is not easy task. In opposite to that with the help of Cloud Computing you can achieve this in minimum time.

7. Work From Anywhere: Since you can access your resource using web browser, you can work from any where in the world just with an internet connection. Where as in conventional infrastructure, IT teams is needed to manage because it requires the implementation of VPN’s and exposes your company’s PC’s to potentially unsafe public networks.

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