Oracle, Microsoft, IBM and Google Providing Cloud Database Services

There are many cloud database provider companies in the market and each of them have their own Cloud computing database offering strategy. Here, i am listing few major players in database industry who are offering Cloud Database and their price.

1. Oracle Cloud Database: As Oracle is the leading company in Database Industry. They are also offering Cloud database services with following features:

    a. Using Oracle Database 11g Release 2 Enterprise Edition in Cloud Database
    b. Performance and Availability managed by Exadata, Real Application Clusters (RAC)
    c. Industry std. sql and PL/SQL for data Access.
    d. Load data with Oracle SQL Developer "carts" using drag and drop
    e. Oracle SQL Developer for database Development.
    f. RESTful Web Services access to data and logic

Price Table From Oracle for Cloud Database:
Database S5 Database S20 Database S50

$175 / Month $900 / Month $2,000 / Month
1 Schema (Oracle Database 11g Release 2) 1 Schema (Oracle Database 11g Release 2) 1 Schema (Oracle Database 11g Release 2)
5 GB (Oracle Database Storage) 20 GB (Oracle Database Storage) 50 GB (Oracle Database Storage)
30 GB (Data Transfer) 120 GB (Data Transfer) 300 GB (Data Transfer)

To know more about Oracle Cloud Database and their Service. Please visit

2. Microsoft SQL Azure: Microsoft is offering their cloud database services by the name of Microsoft SQL Azure Database. Following are few highlighted Features for this.

    a. SQL Azure Database offer NoSQL capabilities for applications with simple data access needs.   Blobs provide inexpensive storage for data such as video, audio, and images.
    b. Customer can use existing knowledge in T-SQL development and a familiar relational data model for symmetry with existing on-premises database.
    c. SQL Azure is a highly available, scalable, multi-tenant database service hosted by Microsoft in the cloud. Developers don’t have to install, setup,
    patch or manage any software. High availability and fault tolerance without physical administration.
    d. Data can easily be shared across SQL Database and SQL Server databases, as well as across multiple SQL Databases with SQL Data Sync.

SQL Database cost is available in two editions: Web and Business.
The Web Edition supports up to a 5 GB maximum T-SQL based relational database. The Business Edition supports up to a 150 GB maximum size T-SQL-based relational database.

Price Table from Microsoft:


0 to 100 MB Flat $4.995 0.5 DU
Greater than 100 MB to 1 GB Flat $9.99 1 DU
Greater than 1 GB to 10 GB $9.99 for first GB, $3.996 for each additional GB 1 DU for first GB 0.4 DU for each additional GB
Greater than 10 GB to 50 GB $45.954 for first 10 GB, $1.996 for each additional GB 4.6 DU for first 10 GB 0.2 DU for each additional GB
Greater than 50 GB to 150 GB $125.874 for first 50 GB, $.999 for each additional GB 12.6 DU for first 50 GB 0.1 DU for each additional GB

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3. Google Cloud SQL: Google Cloud SQL is a web service that allows you to create, configure, and use relational databases MySQL database that live in Google's cloud. It is a fully-managed service that maintains, manages, and administers your databases, allowing you to focus on your applications and services.

    a. A graphical user interface allows you to create, configure, manage, and monitor your database instances, with just a click.
    b. Features like automatic replication across multiple geographic regions are built in, so the service is available, and your data is preserved, even if a datacenter becomes unavailable
    c. Tight integration with Google App Engine and other Google services enable you to work across multiple products easily, get more value from your data, move your data into and out of the cloud,
    and get better performance.

Google offers two billing plans for Google Cloud SQL: Packages and Per Use.

Packages Billing Plan:

Tier RAM Included Storage Included I/O per Day Charge per Day

D1 0.5GB 1GB 850K $1.46
D2 1GB 2GB 1.7M $2.93
D4 2GB 5GB 4M $5.86
D8 4GB 10GB 8M $11.71
D16 8GB 10GB 16M $23.42
D32 16GB 10GB 32M $46.84

Per Use Billing Plan:

Resource Charge

D1 Database Instance (0.5GB RAM) $0.10 per hour
D2 Database Instance  (1GB RAM) $0.19 per hour
D4 Database Instance  (2GB RAM) $0.38 per hour
D8 Database Instance  (4GB RAM) $0.77 per hour
D16 Database Instance (8GB RAM) $1.54 per hour
D32 Database Instance (16GB RAM) $3.08 per hour
1GB Storage $0.24 per month
I/O $0.10 per Million

4. IBM DB2: IBM is also providing DB2 database capabilities for both public and provide cloud environments. Public clouds allow clients to instantly provision, deploy and use DB2
instances without the costs and time delays associated with doing it in-house. Private clouds provide all of the benefits of cloud computing in an environment that you control, to ensure that security, service, and access requirements are maintained at predictable costs.

IBM has not published their price table publicly. To know more about IBM Cloud Database Service Please visit

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