A Look at Oracle Cloud Database Service - Object Creation and Maintainence

As Oracle has also started Offering Database in Cloud Computing, I decide to look How Cloud database woks, To achieve this I opt for Oracle Cloud Database trial version to look at it's usability, feature and accessibility.

I placed an order using https://cloud.oracle.com on Wednesday, 27 Mar 2013 and on Wednesday, 28 Mar 2013 (Exactly after 24 hrs), I got a mail from Oracle about activation of order. After clicking some here and there, My account was activated and I got a cloud database to work on.

This is How, Home page of Oracle Cloud Database looks like.

Here, I am going to create a table (Basic need of database). We can also use same process to create other objects into the database.

Click On "SQL Workshop": This has five options

    1. Object Browser
    2. SQL Command
    3. SQL Scripts
    4. Utilities
    5. RESTfull Services

Let's look at Object Browser, Which has all database Objects, like Table, View, Function, Package for our purpose.

 Steps To Create a Table in to Oracle Cloud Database:

1. Adding Table Columns: Suppose, I want to make a new Object into database, Click on Create button on Right Top of the Object Browser Page. A pop up of all objects type will come, Choose on of them (A good thing i like is you can make all objects from one place).

I am making a table, most common and most frequently create object into database, So, let's see how this is created into Cloud Database. In create option Click Table. Table creation screen will come up. Fill this with Table name and column as in Normal Database.

Click On Next Button.

One improvement i noticed hare, I give Table name as "CLOUD DATABASE TABLE" with some spaces, but this automatically converts this into "CLOUD_DATABASE_TABLE"
without giving error.

2. Add primary key:  if you want to add one.


 Click Next button.

3. Add Foreign key: This screen is for adding foreign key into table. Add foreign key into table and

 Click Next button.

4. Add Check Constraints: On this screen, you can add check constraints on table columns.

On the bottom of this page, List of table colums is displayed and Example Check Constraints is also given. This is very helpful.

Click Next button.

4. Confirmation for Table Creation: This screen will confirm for table creation.

First table in cloud database is created and ready to use. On the next screen,  you will see a summary of Table and schema. Click on Create Table. After table creation. The next page is a summary of table which you have created.Here you can also do all modifications on the table just a click away.

 This was Fist table in Oracle Cloud Database, As per my opinion, This has been a good experience of working on Cloud Computing.

Please share if this post helps you, or your experience of Cloud database on any platform.


  1. Hi

    All the feel and look , looks like apex, I believe its not really cloud computing indeed an public apex application , which creates you a schema with the database you have given. If you are seeing system/undo/temp etc in the cloud console given then it could be database only

    1. This is what i got when apply for trial version of Cloud Databasa. They might be using apex as interface for working on Cloud Database. Thanks for you comment.