Oracle Exadata Tutorials

I suppose you know basic of Exadata like What is Exadata, its Architecture, Components and Main Features. Oracle has divided Exadata (data warehouse & OLTP Environment) in to thirteen categories. Here are reference for all.

  1. Migrating to Oracle Exadata: Migration Tutorial
  2. Monitoring Oracle Exadata: Monitoring Tutorial
  3. Oracle E-Business Suite on Exadata: E-Business Tutorial
  4. Oracle Exadata Backup and Recovery: Backup & Recovery Tutorial
  5. Oracle Exadata Health Check: Health Check Tutorial
  6. Oracle Exadata and OLTP Applications: OLTP Applications Tutorial
  7. Oracle MAA and Oracle Exadata: MAA & Exadata Tutorial
  8. Oracle Peoplesoft on Exadata: Peoplesoft On Exadata Tutorial
  9. Oracle Siebel on Exadata: Siebel on Exadata Tutorial
  10. Patching and Upgrading Oracle Exadata: Patching & Upgrading Tutorial
  11. Troubleshooting Oracle Exadata: Troubleshooting Exadata Tutorial
  12. Using DBFS on Exadata: DBFS on Exadata Tutorial
  13. Using Resource Manager on Exadata: Resource Manger on Exadata Tutorial
You can also fiind all these tutorials at one place: Oracle Learning Library

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