Levels in Database Administrator profile

we have been listening to Level1, Level 2 and Level 3 job profile for DBA's. Though, each organization has it own profile structure related to experience. So, I me sharing some general structure commonly follow in industry.

Level 1 Profile: This is basic level for DBA's for starters. Person working at this level is responsible for 

    a. Check disk space sizing
    b. Checking tablespaces size and resize as per requirement
    c. Monitoring mount points on OS level and cleaning them or raise resize request as required.
    d. Monitor alert log file for any error or alert related to db.
    e. Checking scheduled jobs and their logs and trouble shoot for any issue like RMAN and other scheduled jobs.
This is also known as Junior DBA's, An individual remains at level 1 up to 3 to 4 years of experience and moved to next level after this.

Level 2 Profile: A person have an experience more than 4 years of experience of DBA lies into this level. He has to provide client support and to resolve other technical challenges like

            a. Resolve database performance related issues
            b. Restore database backups in case of corruption.
            c. Solve ORA error during db operations.
            d. Mentor Level 1 Resources.
            e. Create and maintain Data Guard.
            f. Setup and maintain RAC databases.
            g. Install and maintain DB software and database.
            h. Upgrading and patching database s/w.

This is also known as Senior DBA's, A person remain at this level till 7 to 8 yeas and move to next level.

Level 3 Profile: The organization I am working with and some other companies called this Subject Matter Expert (SME). The main responsibility of SME is to solve issue in which Level 2 DBA's stuck or which are escalated by client.
They usually work with Oracle Support to open tickets or follow up with them to solve issue if they need any help.

After Level 3 you could be DBA consultants, Manager, Director etc.

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