What is Android ?

A free open source operating system for mobile devices. Any handset manufacture can install and use it. It includes an operating system, user interface and 


All the s/w to run mobile phone, but without propriety obstacles in other platforms such as Microsoft, Nokia’s symbian  and Apple’s  iOS. 

Why So Popular:

  1. By using Google kit, many small and independent manufacturers can push their brands, using design and marketing skills.
  2. Contract manufacture in China and Taiwan help in low cost manufacturing.  
  3.  Independent developers and publishers create games, contents and other s/w applications or “apps” that helps boost demand for android devices.
Android is delivered by global partnership: 39 original equipment manufacturers and 231 telecom carriers in 123 countries so far.

Figures of Andriod  growth: 

  • After Android launch in 2008, it commands 46% market share in platforms, symbian has slipped to 22%, iOS 18%, BlackBerry is at 12% and windows is at 1.6%.
  • 135 million number of active Android devices across the world.
  • 250,000 number of Android apps in the market.
  • 550,000 number of Android devices are activated daily across the world, increasing at the rate of 4.4% rate per week.

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