Database Startup On Solaris 10 Fails With Ora-27102 Out Of Memory

I have Solaris 10 system with RMAN 16G size. I am starting database with 6G of SGA size but startup fails with the following errors.

SQL> startup
ORA-27102: out of memory
SVR4 Error: 22: Invalid argument

And the alert log shows something similar to the following.

WARNING: EINVAL creating segment of size 0x000000002a000000
fix shm parameters in /etc/system or equivalent


Solaris 10 sets the shared memory segments on projects, and it is suspected to be caused by projects not being setup correctly.  Because of this, there is not sufficient SHMMAX available for Oracle to allocate the SGA, so startup fails.


It is still permitted in Solaris 10 to set the limits in the /etc/system file, which will allow database startup in the interim, until can resolve the issues with projects settings. Log in using root user.

For example, a sample /etc/system entry setting SHMMAX = 6GB.

set shmsys:shminfo_shmmax=6442450944
set semsys:seminfo_semmni=1024
set semsys:seminfo_semmsl=1024
set shmsys:shminfo_shmmni=100

Database started with above settings ok, and missing project settings in this case were the following. 

1 In case adding new Project:
 # projadd -c "Oracle" ''

2 In case modifying existing project:
 # projmod -s -K "project.max-shm-memory=(privileged,6GB,deny)" ''.

I have applied both of the above ways but the issue still persists. At last I restart the database server and it works for me.

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