ORA-00600: internal error code, arguments: [17074]

Bug 9795214 - Library Cache Memory Corruption / OERI[17074] may result in Instance crash [ID 9795214.8]

I have Oracle Enterprise Edition Installed on Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server release 5.4 (Tikanga) 64 bit machine. It's my production environment. 

Suddenly Database goes down, In alert log files "ORA-00600: internal error code, arguments: [17074]" message was written.

Error message is like:

 Errors in file /test01/diag/rdbms/test01/test01/trace/test01_mman_27018.trc  (incident=211313):
ORA-00600: internal error code, arguments: [17074], [0x75F3F9FD0], [0x7AC0E9C80], [6], [], [], [], [], [], [], [], []
Incident details in: /test01/diag/rdbms/test01/test01/incident/incdir_211313/test01_mman_27018_i211313.trc
Errors in file /test01/diag/rdbms/test01/test01/trace/test01_mman_27018.trc:
ORA-00600: internal error code, arguments: [17074], [0x75F3F9FD0], [0x7AC0E9C80], [6], [], [], [], [], [], [], [], []
MMAN (ospid: 27018): terminating the instance due to error 822
Instance terminated by MMAN, pid = 27018

On investigation i found this bug ........
This note gives a brief overview of bug 9795214.


Product (Component)Oracle Server (Rdbms)
Range of versions believed to be affected Versions >= 11.1 but BELOW 12.1
Versions confirmed as being affected
Platforms affectedGeneric (all / most platforms affected)


This issue is fixed in
  • 12.1 (Future Release)
  • Patch Set Update
  • Patch 8 on Windows Platforms
  • Patch 38 on Windows Platforms


Related To:

  • (None Specified)


ORA-600 [17074] may occur in some rare circumstances, potentially causing
an instance crash
From 11g onwards library cache latches are replaced by the mutex (short for 
mutual exclusion) concurrent programming algorithm. This issue is a 
mutex race condition where conflicting updates on a library cache memory
chunk result in ORA-600 [17074]. This issue is intermittent and rare due 
to the precise timing required for the contending memory chunk access. 
This error results in process failure. Where the process is a critical 
background process this will result in an instance crash.
There is no persistent corruption associated with this failure
Error arguments:
1 - 17074 error number
2 - Pointer to the heap where the inconsistency was found
3 - Pointer to the free fn
4 - Data block number
This issue does not occur in 10.2 or earlier releases.
Rediscovery Notes:
If ORA-600 [17074] occurs due to kgldacnt being non-zero (note that
if this error is flagged for some other reason, then it may not be
this bug), it could indicate this bug, especially if the function
kghrecr_quiesce() is present in the call stack.
Please note: The above is a summary description only. Actual symptoms can vary. Matching to any symptoms here does not confirm that you are encountering this problem. For questions about this bug please consult Oracle Support.

This post is about Specific ORA-0600 error, I would recommend to see General approach for troubleshooting  ORA-00600 and ORA-07445 Internal error which is applicable to all ORA-07445 Internal error  and ORA-00600 internal errors.


Bug:9795214 (This link will only work for PUBLISHED bugs)
Note:245840.1 Information on the sections in this article

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