How to apply for Passport


"I need a passport" or "I wan to apply for Passport". I very common question everywhere but i am talking about India. There are three options to get a fresh passport.
  1. Contact a passport agent, you need not to do anything. He will take pain for you, other than you need to pay some extra bucks to him.
  2. Get a passport application form fill it, go to passport office, wait in a queue for token etc. It's a lengthy process.
  3. Apply for Online passport. Get an appointment with passport officer and submit your passport documents. I realize this is the best option.
So let's explore how to apply for Online passport in India.

1. Go to web site for "Indian Passport, Ministry of External Affairs, Govt. of India"
Home page for this looks like this. Click on Online Registration


2.  You will see a page with detail of online passport offices (, check which passport office is nearest to you. If any passport office suit you thee click on Continue in the lowest left of the page.

3. Now a page with URL will appear fill the form as per instruction. Below is just small part of form.

How to fill the form: You can find these details on home page by clicking "How to fill the form "

Other than this following are the issue i have faced.
  • Don't use Initials & titles such as Mr, Mrs, Dr etc for any of the name like mother and father's name, otherwise form will be rejected at passport office.
4. Please crosscheck the form filled. If everything is fine click the save button on the bottom of the form. A pop up will appear.

Click on "Ok" button.

5. See the tentative Date and time allotted to you from passport office.

Click on ok button.

6.  Read this page carefull. This page has
  • file no for Reprint of application form.
  • Changing data for appointment.

Choose suitable date you if need to change and press "confirm the appointment" button.

7. Here you will get you passport application form in PDF format, save the form and get print out of it. Fill the rest of information.

8. Some document are need to attached with the application form. Find out details at or click on the "Check List" on home page. Attach required documents with filled application form.

  • Make sure your photograph have white background.
  • Use either thumb impression or signature on the form.
Fee for Fresh Passport (36 pages) of 10 years validity is 1000 Rs.

9. Reach passport office on appointment data. I hope you will have a good experience.


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