ORA-07445: exception encountered: core dump [pi_jaro_winkler_int()+409]

ORA-07445: exception encountered: core dump [pi_jaro_winkler_int()+409]

we use PL/SQL (DBMS Packages) TL_MATCH.JARO_WINKLER_SIMILARITY to compare text values in my package. When we start using this package. I start getting ORA-07445: exception encountered: core dump [pi_jaro_winkler_int()+409] exception in alert_log file.

I have Oracle 64 Bit Enterprise Edition installed on my Linux 64 system with 15 interim patches. On investigation this issue i found it is an Oracle Bug

Bug 6338068 - Dump (pi_jaro_winkler_int) from UTL_MATCH.JARO_WINKLER_SIMILARITY [ID 6338068.8]

This note gives a brief overview bug 6338068.
The content was last updated on: 18-NOV-2010
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Product (Component) PL/SQL (Plsql)
Range of versions believed to be affected Versions BELOW 11.2
Versions confirmed as being affected


Platforms affected Generic (all / most platforms affected)


This issue is fixed in

* (Base Release)
* (Server Patch Set)
* (Server Patch Set)
* Patch 23 on Windows Platforms


Related To:

* Process May Dump (ORA-7445) / Abend / Abort

* PL/SQL (DBMS Packages)


UTL_MATCH.JARO_WINKLER_SIMILARITY can dump in pi_jaro_winkler_int.

s1 char(15) := '01DB - Metravib';
s2 char(24) := 'INGETUDES-EKIP /LINEDATA';
r number;

Please note: The above is a summary description only. Actual symptoms can vary. Matching to any symptoms here does not confirm that you are encountering this problem. Always consult with Oracle Support for advice.


Bug:6338068 (This link will only work for PUBLISHED bugs)
Note:245840.1 Information on the sections in this article

Then i investiga for solution of this problem. Oracle offers a patch set for this (p6338068_10204_Linux-x86-64). This is Linux 64 bit patch set
same can be avaliable for other environments.

when i download this patch set another twist came out. In the Readme following lines are written.

“# - Your system configuration (Oracle Server version and patch level, OS Version) must exactly match those in the bug database entry - You must have NO OTHER PATCHES installed on your Oracle Server since the latest patch set (or base release x.y.z if you have no patch sets installed).

While my Oracle home has 15 interim patches installed. So this solution doesn't work for me.

Finally only following is the option for me:

This issue is fixed in following releases:
• (Base Release)
• (Server Patch Set)
• (Server Patch Set)
• Patch 23 on Windows Platforms

Now i am planning to install Oracle on my system.

This post is about Specific ORA-07445 error, I would recommend to see General approach for troubleshooting  ORA-00600 and ORA-07445 Internal error which is applicable to all ORA-07445 Internal error and ORA-00600 internal errors.

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